2BA & JLF Products

JLF Products partners with 2BA

In the dynamic world of wholesale and product delivery, digital accessibility is not a luxury but a necessity. JLF Products recognizes this and has therefore partnered with 2BA, a leading data platform that is essential for efficiently managing product, price, and inventory information.

The 2BA datapool is a dynamic source where both product information and related trade data are continuously maintained and updated. This information is directly accessible to our customers, which is indispensable for the efficient operation of their business processes.

Up-to-Date product information with 2BA

At JLF Products, we aim to provide our customers with direct access to extensive product information. For JLF Products, integration with 2BA translates into a continuous flow of accurate and current product information, which is essential for our business model. This allows purchasers, installers, and calculators to immediately work with this data, crucial for both our internal management and customer support.

With the support of 2BA, we can efficiently manage our assortment digitally and integrate it seamlessly into our webshop and sales counters. Direct access to manufacturer data, enriched with crucial trade information, significantly increases our operational efficiency.

Benefits for JLF Products through Collaboration with 2BA

  • Data Access: Current product and trade data from more than 1,200 producers are easily accessible through a central source.
  • Uniform Data Exchange: Data integrates seamlessly with our ERP software, standardized according to predefined formats.
  • Future Prices and Products: Early access to future pricing and new products from suppliers.
  • Quality Management: With more than 800 validation rules, we improve the quality of our own database.
  • Market Reach: Our assortment reaches more than 2,200 processing companies connected with 2BA.
  • Unifeed Search Engine: Enhanced service to the 'shopping' installer thanks to advanced search technologies.

Value of 2BA for our clients

For technically oriented companies, quick access to product, price, and inventory information is essential for efficiency. The 2BA datapool offers the solution for this. Not surprisingly, with millions of products and related wholesale information in its database, 2BA is considered the central article file by and for your industry today.

Users, including installation and assembly companies, have the opportunity to read data directly from the 2BA datapool into their own software package. This is done via selection profiles preset with 2BA, providing a personalized experience. Additionally, the 2BA Unifeed search engine is widely supported by various software platforms. This innovative tool enables you to search directly from your own systems for products in the 2BA datapool, select them, and seamlessly integrate them into your own applications. The advanced filtering options based on ETIM product classes and features allow you to quickly and efficiently find the desired products.

Benefits of 2BA for you

  • More efficient design, calculation, and ordering with all necessary information from one source.
  • Direct integration of data with leading ERP systems or custom-made software.
  • Access to net purchase prices based on conditions agreed with suppliers.

Core Tasks of 2BA

Since 2004, 2BA has managed a neutral datapool that facilitates the controlled digital exchange of product data between suppliers and customers. This system ensures the integrity of product data provided by manufacturers, importers, and agents.

The core task of 2BA since its founding is to collect, validate, and distribute classified and linked product and price information. These services are primarily provided to manufacturers, wholesalers, construction and installation companies, machine builders, and system integrators.

Integration with 2BA

The integration of 2BA within our business processes enables JLF Products to thrive in a competitive market by maximizing efficiency in design, calculation, and purchasing processes. The 2BA data platform is not just a means for data management but acts as a strategic link in improving our business operations and customer satisfaction. Through this collaboration, JLF Products can ensure a competitive edge in the industry, supported by reliable and structured (technical) data essential for success in the modern digital economy. An additional tool for our customers in the rapidly changing installation and technical world.

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