Terrace infrared heaters

Infrared Patio Heaters

Infrared heating is particularly well-suited for heating patios and verandas, as this technology is minimally affected by weather conditions. As a result, an increasing number of hospitality businesses and private individuals are opting for infrared patio heating.

Patio Heaters: A Comfortable Solution for Outdoor Spaces

Enjoying the outdoors is often hindered by cold temperatures, especially during cooler seasons. Fortunately, patio heaters offer a smart and efficient way to make your outdoor spaces comfortable and cozy. At JLF Products, we have a complete range of top-quality European infrared patio heaters to meet all your heating needs.

Why choose infrared Patio Heaters from JLF Products?

Our infrared patio heaters utilize state-of-the-art technologies and meet European standards for quality and safety. As a supplier and exclusive importer of renowned brands such as Tansun, Alke and Heatstrip, we offer a wide selection of patio heaters for both commercial and residential applications.

At JLF Products, our extensive range of top-quality European infrared patio heaters includes both gas and electric models. These high-quality heating devices are the perfect solution to make your outdoor spaces comfortable and cozy, even on cool days or in the evenings. With our patio heaters, you can enjoy your terrace, veranda, garden house, or canopy all year round.

In our selection, you will find both built-in heaters for areas like verandas and freestanding models. We also offer patio heating options with light and heaters without lighting.

Infrared Patio Heaters for various applications

Whether you own a hospitality venue with a large terrace, are a private individual with a cozy veranda, or a business with an open outdoor space, our infrared patio heaters are suitable for all kinds of applications. Thanks to the advanced technology of our heaters, you can heat targeted areas, thereby avoiding heat loss to unused air, making them not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Electric infrared Patio Heaters

Our electric patio heaters are ideal for covered terraces, verandas, garden houses, and other sheltered outdoor spaces. These heaters are easy to install and do not require a gas connection, making them safe and easy to use. With their modern and sleek design, they fit perfectly into any outdoor setting. Additionally, you can combine electric patio heaters with solar panels for even more sustainable heating.

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters are powerful heating solutions for large outdoor spaces. They are ideal for hospitality venues with spacious terraces and events requiring extra warmth. A gas patio heater can quickly and easily create warmth without relying on an electrical connection. These heaters are mobile and easy to move, allowing you to use them in various locations.

We also have some of the best parasol heaters gasfired.

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Benefits of Patio Heaters

  • Energy-efficient: Infrared patio heaters directly warm people and objects, preventing energy wastage on heating unused spaces.

  • Quick Heating Time: Infrared radiation is converted directly into heat upon contact with people and objects, providing a quick and efficient solution to warm up your outdoor space without long wait times.

  • Targeted Heating: With infrared patio heaters, you can heat specific zones, providing warmth only where needed.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Our patio heaters do not emit harmful substances, making them safe for both you and the environment.

  • No Air Circulation: Infrared heating works directly, without circulating air, preventing the spread of dust particles.

  • Suitable for Various Applications: Whether you are a private individual or a commercial entity, our patio heaters are suitable for various situations.

  • Sustainable Options: You can combine our patio heaters with solar panels for even more sustainable heating.

What is the most energy-efficient terrace heater?

The most energy-efficient patio heater depends on your specific situation and needs. Generally, electric patio heaters are more energy-efficient than gas-powered models. Additionally, with infrared patio heaters, targeted heating results in less energy waste.

Which terrace Heater provides the most heat?

Gas patio heaters generally provide the most heat, especially powerful models suitable for larger outdoor spaces. They are ideal for situations where intense heat output is required.

What is a the best Patio Heater?

A good patio heater is one that fits your needs and budget. At JLF Products, we only offer top-quality European patio heaters, ensuring you receive a reliable and effective heating solution for your outdoor space.

Which Patio Heater for a canopy?

Both electric and infrared patio heaters are suitable for use under a canopy. They provide efficient heat without direct exposure to the elements.

At JLF Products, we are ready to provide you with a high-quality infrared patio heater that meets your specific needs. Explore our complete range of patio heaters.

Contact us for more information and discover how you can comfortably heat your outdoor space all year round.