Bathroom infrared heating

Infrared Heating for the Bathroom

Infrared heating is ideally suited for warming a bathroom, through the use of splash-proof infrared panels that can be mounted on both the wall and ceiling. We also offer electric bathroom radiators and towel dryers.

Bathroom Infrared Heating: Comfort and Efficiency

At JLF Products, we provide a wide range of European top-quality infrared bathroom heating options, including infrared panels and electric bathroom radiators. These high-quality heating appliances are specially designed to heat a bathroom in a comfortable and efficient manner. With our infrared bathroom heating, you will enjoy pleasant warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Infrared Panels for the Bathroom

Our bathroom infrared panels are splash-proof and a popular choice for heating bathrooms. They are sleek, stylish, and fit perfectly into modern bathroom interiors. Bathroom infrared panels are easy to mount on the wall or ceiling, taking up minimal space. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and designs, ensuring there is always an infrared panel to suit your bathroom.

Electric Bathroom Radiators

Our electric bathroom radiators can serve as supplementary heating, alongside systems like underfloor heating, with the advantage of quickly drying your towels. They provide a comfortable mode of heating via electricity. These radiators are available in various models, including towel radiators that also serve as handy towel dryers. Our bathroom radiators are stylish and functional, making them a perfect addition to your bathroom interior. For instance, the Serenis radiators by Atlantic are very sleekly designed.

Advantages of Infrared Bathroom Heating

  • Quick Heating Time: Infrared bathroom heating warms up quickly, allowing you to immediately enjoy pleasant warmth in your bathroom.

  • Targeted Heating: Infrared technology provides targeted heating, warming only the objects and people in the bathroom.

  • No Air Circulation: Infrared heating operates directly, without circulating air, thus preventing the spread of dust particles.

  • Space-Saving: Our infrared panels and bathroom radiators are slim and occupy minimal space in your bathroom.

  • Comfortable Warmth: Infrared bathroom heating provides a comfortable and even heat, allowing you to relax optimally in your bathroom.

  • Energy-Efficient: Thanks to direct heating and the absence of heat loss, infrared bathroom heating is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

  • Stylish Design: Our infrared panels and bathroom radiators have a stylish design that perfectly complements your bathroom interior.

Is Infrared Heating Suitable for the Bathroom?

Yes, infrared heating is highly suitable for use in the bathroom. Infrared panels heat not the air, but directly the objects and people in the bathroom. There is no air circulation that can spread dust particles. This is particularly important in a humid environment like the bathroom, where molds and bacteria can easily spread through air circulation. With infrared heating, you enjoy comfortable and healthy warmth in your bathroom.

What is the Best Heating for the Bathroom?

The best heating for your bathroom depends on your personal preferences and the size of your bathroom. Both options, infrared panels and bathroom radiators, are excellent choices for the bathroom. Infrared panels are slim, stylish, and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. They heat the bathroom quickly and evenly, allowing you to immediately enjoy pleasant warmth.

Bathroom radiators, including towel radiators, are functional and also offer the possibility to dry your towels. They are a good choice if you also need extra towel storage and a heating element in your bathroom.

Wide selection, Wholesale prices

At JLF Products, we offer a wide selection of infrared bathroom heating, including infrared panels, bathroom radiators, and electric towel dryers. Both options provide comfort, efficiency, and a stylish design for your bathroom. With infrared bathroom heating, you create a comfortable and cozy ambiance in your bathroom, where you can relax and enjoy the warmth.

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