Warehouse infrared heating

Infrared heating for warehouses

Infrared heating offers a smart and efficient way to heat your industrial hall, warehouse, or warehouse. Instead of heating the entire space, only the zone where it is needed is heated. This results in significant savings on energy and costs, allowing your investment to be quickly recouped.

Heating an Industrial Hall or Warehouse with infrared

An industrial hall, warehouse, or warehouse is typically a large space with a high ceiling. With traditional convective heating, the air in the entire space is heated, resulting in energy waste and warm air rising to the ceiling. However, infrared heating provides a solution for energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional heating, with a payback period of only two years for your investment in complete industrial hall heating.

Preventing Dust Particles

Furthermore, infrared heating prevents the spread of dust particles, a problem that often occurs with air circulation through convective heating. Infrared heating heats people and objects directly, without heating the air (no air circulation), so there is no convection and no dust particles circulating through your warehouse or industrial hall that can cause respiratory complaints.

Infrared both Electric and Gas

Our infrared devices are available in various designs and sizes. For example, we offer various gas infrared heaters that emit 50% less CO2 than traditional heating devices. If you prefer not to use gas to heat your industrial hall, we also offer electric infrared heating. If you use solar panels or wind energy, you can even heat your warehouse energy neutrally.

At JLF Products, you are in the right place to purchase infrared heating for your industrial hall, warehouse, warehouse, and workshop. We advise and calculate the space for the most efficient way of heating.

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