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The HEATSTRIP is a high-intensity electric or gas radiant heater that is suitable for indoor and outdoor heating. It can heat a terrace within 10 minutes and is felt up to 4 meters from the source. Many conventional patio heaters rely on convection heating that works by heating the surrounding air. Since there is usually constant air movement in an outdoor or open indoor space, this can be quite impractical, as this heated air can easily  be clenched away with natural air movement. HEATSTRIPS transfer heat directly to objects through infrared waves that heat the surface of the objects themselves, while convection heating heats the air between objects. The HEATSTRIP is more effective in this case.

HEATSTRIP electric patio heaters are more effective in an indoor or outdoor space, as they directly deliver targeted heat to the people and objects in their path. At your workplace or company, HEATSTRIP can offer comfort heating, this also applies to designated smoking and recreation areas in the open air. HEATSTRIP can provide comfort heating in your home for covered dining and barbecue areas, patios, porches, courtyards, balconies and conservatories.